AMPELITE Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

AMPELITE Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Date Submitted: 17/10/2022 10:57 PM

Amperite  is an Australian manufacturer of fiberglass light roofing sheets with more than 45 years of operation, using modern machinery and manufacturing processes.

Amperite Australia founded Ampelite Manufactory in Thailand is a company specializing in investing, expanding production base of high quality fiberglass roofing sheets.

Amperite is the first company in Asia to obtain certification 4256.3:2006 from SAI Global under license number SMKB20629 and meet the standard ISO 9001:2008.

As the world's top quality fiberglass light roofing sheet,  Ampelite  has been selected by many international projects such as:  Airport  Suvarnabhumi, TOYOTA assembly plant, Tesco Lotus, BC supermarket, Makro, Ticon after-sales department needed, Thai brewery (1991), CP Distribution Center (Seven - Eleven) and modern facilities.

Modern manufacturing process, certified as  4256.3:2006 SAI Global
Quality system with standard ISO 9001:2008
Raw materials are strictly selected from well-known suppliers in the world.
In Vietnam, Ampelite has authorized distribution by:  (AGP Construction Trading Co., Lld)